Thursday, May 9, 2013

The North Rocks

Last night I held a town Hall meeting at the Lamar High School Auditorium.  The event was well attended with over 100 citizens leaving their homes to become more informed on the issues concerning their neighborhoods.  The event started with a few issues such as this blog, Welcome to Arlington signage, then we proceeded to the APD aviation unit.  Sgt. Houston had one of the radio controlled units on display, and described the scenarios where it could be deployed.  Then Chief Leland Strickland gave an update concerning hot spots and other criminal activity and the department's efforts to limit it's affects through recent arrests.

We then had a healthy discussion about the Walgreens on Davis and Lamar.  The Walgreens district manager  and store manager were both in attendance to state Walgreens position on the issue.  Things are not likely to change on this issue due totally to this corporate position.  We then covered concerns on a possible tax increase and its reasoning.  Lastly, I discussed miscellaneous items like Arlington Municipal Tower and our successful lobby efforts to return funding to this facility.  The question and answer session was very lively and we covered items from soup to nuts.  I want to thank Dr. Larry Harmon for hosting the event and being available to answer educational questions.  It was a good evening and the North Rocks.

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  1. Charlie, hi sorry unable to make the event last night. What was the issue with this blog mentioned in your post? I think this is awesome, please continue to post information here.


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