Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thursday 21 February

I had the absolute pleasure to address the Republican Women of Arlington at Shady Valley Country Club.  The event was a sellout and there were about 70 ladies in attendance.  There were even a few guys in the audience.  I had an opportunity to speak for about 35 minutes and then answered questions for the remaining part of the hour.  The Republican Women Association is probably the most cohesive and resilient political organization in North Texas.  They do this through their strong organizational ability and their support financially through their membership.  As a group they do a great job of forwarding the Republican agenda through their political involvement.I had to be in Ft. Worth for a deposition shortly thereafter and couldn't spend the amount of time afterwards that I wanted to.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to them. 

After my deposition, I addressed the neighbors of Crown Colony at John and Sandy Barber's beautiful home.  Jim Parajon also accompanied me and we discussed several options for the problem of short term rentals in their area.  The interest and participation was overwhelming.  All but two houses were represented.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Council Meeting 19 Feb

Today during our Community and Neighborhood Development we decided on where to put funding and how much allot to the several non-profits that receive CDBG monies.  Essentially the federal government gives the cities money in the form of Community Development Block Grants, and they are spread over several organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, Life Shelters etc.  Since these are tax monies that are being spent it requires government oversight and that is what we did today in Committee. 

Then in the afternoon session the most important thing was the determination of the crossing at Stadium Drive between Division and Abrams.  It was decided that the sub grade crossing was simply too much money, 35 million.  The council decided that an at grade crossing for 12 million is more in line with our needs for today.  The remaining 23 million will be utilized for improvements to our city as needed, probably roads.  Brought up before council was the fact that the video feed is not being broadcast of the citizen comment section of the council meetings.  Both Rivera and I voted to reinstate the feed, however the other 7 were against that option. 

The only item of importance that was on the evening agenda was that SafeLite, the auto glass company wants to move into the old Arlington Athletic Store at 2411 S. Cooper.  The building has been vacant for the last 3 years.  It looks as though the company is going to put in a ton of money to renovate the grounds and building.  The vote was 8-1 with Sheri Capehart being in decent.  The item concerning Richard Simpson Park, the one at the marina, remained on the table until the next meeting.  Parks and Recreation wanted to give us more information before continuing with that discussion.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Yesterday evening an 18 year old woman was getting off work at the Wal-Mart located adjacent to Cowboy Stadium on Randol Mill.  As she was walking to her car in the parking lot she was abducted during daylight hours. Through the course of the APD investigation they received a break in the case around 2 am. APD was able to track the suspect and victim to a residence in North Arlington near where Center and Mesquite Streets intersect. Patrol officers rescued the victim and she was immediately transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The suspect was taken into custody. Investigators continue to interview the female and canvass her work location and the residence where she was located for potential evidence.

It was a very long night for the APD.  We are all very thankful that this potentially tragic incident ended successfully, and that the criminal has found his rightful place in society.  My utmost respect goes to all the officers that participated in this incident.  Well Done!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Big Mistake

Yesterday I made a big mistake, and I want to apologize.  Linda Dean was gracious enough to have a wine and cheese tasting event at her home in the Park Place addition and it was scheduled for the 12th at 6:30.  Somehow I got it on the calendar wrong and it was on my schedule for the 13th.  Totally my mistake!!!!!!  I missed this event and I have been sick about it ever since. 

I had the opportunity to speak at the New World Methodist Church at noon on the 12th and I had a Steering Committee at 7:30 that evening.  The event would have dovetailed nicely if it weren't for my mistake.  I spoke to the Senior Men's Club  of Arlington at noon on the 13th and was looking forward to going to the event at Park Place and I got an email from Linda stating that she was sorry that I couldn't make it to her home the day before.  I was ready to head that way last night, but I simply got it wrong.  I have since been to Linda's house and tried to make ammends.  I have assured her that I will try to make it up to the residents of Park Place in the future and I have tried to answer all the questions that they sent to me.  She stated that she can send them out through her email list.  Again I am very sorry for this scheduling mistake, and I feel terrible about not meeting the residents of Park Place.  My sincere apologies.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Greater Southwest Rotary

Last night my wife and I attended the Mardi Gras celebration for the GSW Rotary.  It was held to benefit their scholarships and the Veterans Memorial at Memorial Park.  There was a silent auction and an open auction.  In the open auction I had the pleasure to donate a suite at the ballpark for ten people and it raised $725.  The total raised in the open auction was over $13,900.  The silent auction added even more to the pot.  It was a very successful evening in support of their charities. 

It shows how the Rotaries can service community projects and how generous the members are toward contributing to great causes.  Viv and Phyllis did a remarkable job in planning and insuring that their guests had a great time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 February Council Meeting

Tonight we voted on three drill permits.  Two I supported.  The sites were located on Polly Webb Rd. and the other on Bowman Springs Rd.  The operator was Vantage Energy and both fulfilled the requirements for the Drilling Ordinance and the more restrictive Fire Ordinance.  These wells are clean operations and my only comment is that since they are now on the new ordinance the masonary walls need to be constructed.  They look as if they are industrial sites in the middle of nice residential areas.  The masonary walls will be constructed in March.  We heard from a gentleman that lived 250' from a drill site and he was in favor of the sites in his neighborhood.

Rocking Horse is a different matter.  I specifically asked Ms. Gearhart from Cheasepeake if all violations of city ordinances would be satisfied before a drill bit went through the gate at Rocking Horse.  She said twice that, "Cheasepeake would satisfy all violations within 30 days of permitting." 

Arlington Fire Code Section 3406.3.9 Security---Prior to operations, a permanent security fence shall be constructed around the site and at least one security camera mounted inside the enclosure along with signs as provided in the Arlington Gas Drilling and Production Chapter.  A minimum video recording of five days must be maintained by the company operating the site.  The security camera must be of a type or arrangement must be made to assure quality recording during day or night.

Now does this mention 30 days anywhere?  I will not let the drilling companies tell the city when they are going to comply with the requirement of the city's ordinances.  I have talked to Ms. Gearhart as to why I felt they were taking the attitude that they have assumed.  Each site has it's own characteristics and each operator their own personality.  I will vote accordingly.