Friday, March 28, 2014

Arlington Republican's Club

Last night at Humperdinks, I had the pleasure to attend the Arlington Republicans Candidate forum.  I saw the candidates square off and it was interesting to hear what they had to say concerning those in office.  Mr. Dodson who is Robert Shepard’s opponent was clearly an unorthodox individual.  While Mr. Shepard showed professional respect for the forum and office by addressing the crowd of 100 plus Republicans in a coat and tie, Mr. Dodson had a baseball cap on and shorts.  His platform was to empower the 18-25 year old voters.  I feel that this fell on deaf ears since the average age of the audience was around 60 years of age.  His overall platform was such that I would not consider him a serious contender for the at large position in district 6.  The legalization of marijuana for any purpose is something that the Texas electorate will have problems wrapping their heads around, so to speak.

From the looks of the race for district 7, Jimmy Bennett has a challenger with substance.  Gerald Kern was business like in appearance, and showed respect for the forum with a coat and tie, same with Jimmy.  He was articulate, same as Jimmy.  And his platform was well articulated, same as Jimmy.  Mr. Kern was a bit forceful in his delivery, and Jimmy was calm and comfortable in his responses.  I can see this race shaping up to be an interesting event.  Since Mr. Kern lives in district 3, it could be that he is getting actual face time and experience if he falls short in this challenge.  Robert Rivera is positioning himself for a Mayoral run next year, which would leave the district 3 seat open.

Kecia Mays is running for the School Board seat vacated by Tony Pompa.  The biggest laugh of the evening was when she stated that her biggest qualification in the race against her opponent is that she was present.  The opponent said she would attend and didn’t show up.  Kecia is a very professional young woman that lost her race against Gloria Pena two years ago.  I’m certain that she will prevail this time.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Art on the Green

This last weekend a function was held called, “Art on the Green.”  Although the weather didn’t cooperate for the outdoor event, at least it didn’t rain.  The event was held at Richard Green Linear Park, and featured about thirty artisans and their products.  I attended with my wife and her friend and I was truly impressed by the quality of the items that were on display.  I actually bought my wife’s birthday present there.  She’ll be 29 again this year, for about the 30th time.  I purchased her a hand turned bowl that was made out of cherry wood with a uniquely rough edge that made the item a beautiful centerpiece for our dinning room table.

There were beautiful antique cars, (my favorite) jewelry, photographers, painters, artists of several different kinds.  A couple of vendors were welders and made all kinds of interesting things out of household items.  Their imaginations were just incredible.  Of course food and beverage of several types were available for lunch.  In total this was a successful event, that was well attended.  I want to thank Experience Arlington and the Chamber for hosting, and bringing this event to the citizens of Arlington.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Downtown Apartments/Total Wine

Last night at the Council meeting I tried to make a statement that fell on deaf ears.  A developer had a project to bring a multi family apartment project to downtown Arlington.  The density of the project was acceptable and the overall concept was something that could possibly benefit the downtown area, by bringing people into the local businesses.

But six months ago when the project was first brought to me I only asked one thing of the developer.  That single request was to put some thought and originality into the architectural design.  Not to fall into the same design criteria of the student housing projects of the Sapphire, Arlington Lofts, Campus Edge and College Park projects that have gone before us recently.  When his relief concepts first came out I told him that the designs were so similar that I would not be able to support the project.  He had plenty of time at that point to change the design criteria.  Last night I showed the similarity by putting the other projects up in comparison.  It was my effort to hold the developer to a higher standard and not repeat the mistakes of the 70’s and 80’s in North Arlington.  The vote was 7 to 1 in favor of the project.   

The other issue before Council was our first liquor store.  A Total Wine will be going into the shopping area near Lowes on I-20, and will open in the October time frame.  I'm certain that this business will thrive in south Arlington.  It is a quality establishment that will serve the community well.  I am positive that you will enjoy the experience of shopping in this upscale establishment.  Total Wine is a privately held company started by two brothers.  Over the last decade their success has been proven by the fact that they are opening their 103rd store today in another city.  This is a perfect example of approving a quality product for the City of Arlington.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Annual Police Report

Yesterday in the afternoon session, Chief Will Johnson gave his annual police report.  The overall result of the report was that crime in the city of Arlington is down 1%.  This is great news for the city as a whole, but if we dissect the numbers you will notice that crime in North Arlington is up 6%.  This is due to two things, in my opinion.  Car burglaries and robberies.  We have one individual that has caused over 20 robberies all by himself.  The police have received a break in this case and are very hopeful at this point, but the perp is still at large. 

As for the car burglaries, I will repost some suggestions that I hope that you will observe, so that you won't be the next victim:
  1. Take your keys with you.
  2. Lock your car.
  3. Park in attended lots if possible.
  4. Completely close your car doors.
  5. Take your valuables with you or hide them.
  6. If you take your items out of the car and place them in the trunk, be advised that burglars might be watching you do this.
  7. Park in your garage if possible, and lock your garage and the vehicle inside the garage.
  8. Replace any T shaped lock handles with straight locks.
  9. Engrave your driver's license number on any expensive accessories.  Engravers cost less than $10.
  10. If possible install visible alarm systems.
  11. Utilize wheel locks/lugs.
  12. When possible avoid parking between large vehicles.  They provide cover criminals.
  13. Remove detachable radio faceplates when able.
Many times you can observe suspicious behavior.  If you see any of the following behavior please dial 911 and report it to a dispatcher:
  • Pulling door handles
  • Looking in windows
  • Odd clothing for the time of year (long coats or gloves being worn in summer)
  • Lookouts
  • Nervous looking behavior (constantly looking around, rapid movements)
  • Checking for alarms by bumping windows or bumpers for sensitivity.
Each time I get out of my truck, I am very careful to note that I lock it up and that my IPad nor cell phone is in view from the outside.  I hope that you take these simple precautions to heart and we can reduce the number of car burglaries in North Arlington.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Friday at 5:00 pm the deadline for filing as a candidate in the May 10th election passed.  Council Woman Sheri Capehart and I will be running unopposed, in Districts 1 and 2.  Both Jimmy Bennett and Robert Shepard drew opponents in their "at large" races.  I am honored to serve the constituents of District 1 for another 2 year term.  Thank you for your support and your confidence in me.