Tuesday, November 26, 2013


As we start into this holiday season I am always reminded that I should reflect on what has been given to me.  I should be Thankful.  It is easy for me to give thanks because I feel that I am a very rich and undeserving person.  I am rich because I have been given, two great kids, the love of a good Texas woman, and I was a fighter pilot in the United States Navy.  I can’t draw to a better hand than that, so I am thankful. 

But I can also be thankful for so much more in life.  I am thankful that I was born in this country.  Some people travel from all the corners of the world to get here to experience what we take for granted.  So I am thankful to be an American and pursue happiness and the American dream.  I am also thankful for my friends and neighbors, for my relatively good health, and for those years without struggle.  Sometimes the friction of life can weigh heavily on anyone.  But what I am thankful for mostly is something that we Americans take for granted year in and out. 

I am thankful for the young men and women that are watching over us as I write this message.  Each and every minute of the day they help to preserve our way of life through their commitment to us.  In the middle of our day, they are standing their posts in the middle of their night.  They are flying off carriers into the blackness of night.  They are hauling 40lb rucksacks up the mountains of Afghanistan. They are on mission in the 120 degree heat of Iraq.  They are sentinels, standing their watch to insure our way of life, to keep us safe, and I am thankful.  Please, as you are surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on their sacrifice to you.  God bless our young men and women in harms way.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, November 22, 2013


For those that remain interested in the progress of the apartment project along Lamar from Lincoln to Rolling Hills Country Club, I have good news.  Mr. Kembel has been working very hard to get the Country Wood Apartments under contract from Fanny Mae.  Just yesterday I recieved word that this has been accomplished and it looks like North Arlington has a facelift coming in the very near future. 

I have a great deal of confidence in Mr. Kembel's ability and his character as a person.  I have every reason to believe that demolition will start within the next six months.  I would imagine that relocation will now become his priority.  This has to be accomplished in a very specific and orderly fashion, with respectful consideration for those individuals affected by this project.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mickey Eddleman

Mickey was a good friend, squadron-mate, fighter pilot and father to his two children.  He was the personal corporate pilot for Ross Perot and his family.  He played on the National Championship UTA football team.  He excelled at everything that he pursued in life, and he will be missed terribly, by his friends, family and the community.  So long ol friend, fair winds and following seas.

1948 - 2013 | Obituary  Mickey Lee Eddleman, 65, of Arlington was delivered into the hands of the Lord on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013. Funeral: 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, at Lamar Baptist Church, 1000 W. Lamar Blvd. Interment: Moore Memorial Garden. Visitation: 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at Moore Funeral Home in Arlington. He was a man of many hats, beloved father, husband, brother, friend, mentor and role model, and a man of many talents, decorated athlete, All-American football player, national champion, Navy fighter pilot, career aviator, car enthusiast, avid outdoors man and hunter. Most importantly, he was a man of God. Survivors: He will never be forgotten by the ones who knew him best, his son, Christopher Sean Eddleman and his wife, Brittany; daughter, Whitney Marie Eddleman; and brothers, James and Sammy Eddleman.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Today, November 11, we observe Veterans Day.  Join me at the Veterans Park in Arlington, at 11 AM, to pay tribute to all veterans for these are the heroes who have defended our nation with courage and honor. Please take the time to thank those men and women who have served in our Armed Forces, and served down range to protect our precious way of life. The preservation of freedom isn't free; it is paid for by the blood, tears, and the sacrifice of our veterans and their families.  Many of our veterans have paid the ultimate price and are still missing in action, and many others are buried in far away places around the globe.  Remember that every moment of every hour of every day, brave Americans are standing watch.  They stand watch at their posts, in the air and on or under the sea.  They are there for you.  So if at all possible, please take a moment to reflect and pray for all service men and women. They’ve served the cause of Liberty, and their bravery is the fuel that has kept the beacon of freedom burning strong. They are truly the American Heroes!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Urban Shield

During the last City Council meeting I had the displeasure to listen to a couple of veterans speak their minds in opposition to Urban Shield.  They belittled the exercise in Boston stating that, “two guys set off a bomb that only killed three people.”  They likened this exercise to the, “militarization of our first responders.”  I sat there respectfully and didn’t say anything, listening to their point of view.  To this day I regret it.

I wanted to ask the following questions.  When you were in the military did you do any training?  Why?  The Boston bombings (plural) were designed to kill or maim as many American Citizens as possible.  When acts of terror like 9-11 and the Boston bombing occur, it is so surprising and unthinkable that the average American stands flat footed, unable to understand or respond properly.  Unlike and IED in Afghanistan these bombs were detonated on American soil.  Therefore, first responders, local law enforcement and the FBI, not the military, are tasked with emergent needs, and the apprehension of the terrorists.  So knowing that the War on Terror is at our doorstep what is our responsibility?

The first task of local government is to keep our citizens safe from harm.  Arlington Police and Firefighters are tasked with that responsibility.  In an effort to react swiftly and efficiently to any situation, it is important to have some familiarity.  Therefore, training is essential.  Yes, training Mr. Veteran.  The same training that you had to keep Americans safe.  That is what Urban Shield is, a training exercise.  By your comments at the Council meeting, you would deprive our first responders of this valuable opportunity.  The ability to prepare for eventualities that could very well happen in our city, to our citizens, on any given day.  Yes Mr. Veteran, and if it affected your family you would be standing at that same podium or in front of a reporter stating how incapable and inept our first responders were.  How hypocritical, shame on you!

This afternoon I will witness the exercise that is happening in my District.  I will watch and learn.  I will consider it part of my education, my training, so that if such a catastrophe occurs in the future I will understand the reasoning and decision making required in keeping our citizens safe.  That is responsible government.       

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Vote

Yesterday the election results showed us that the voters of Arlington were tired of driving to East Chase Parkway to by a bottle of whiskey.  The citizens of Arlington are just as grown up and responsible as the citizens of Pantego, Dalworthington Gardens and Ft. Worth.  The vote was 70% to 30% in favor of alcohol sales in Arlington. 

Of course there are concerns about the placement of package sales stores in and around our city.  I can assure you that the city is looking at restrictions that will be beneficial to the community concerning the location of these establishments.  Restrictions near hospitals, churches, schools, and other medical facilities will all be considered.  Blue Laws will remain in affect, and children will not be allowed on the premises. In total I believe that this will be beneficial to the citizens of Arlington, the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers.