Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Yukon

Well, just to let you know that I haven't forgotten about informing you guys.  I took a few weeks off and went to the Yukon to go hunting.  It was a very physical and demanding experience.  This is a picture of me on top of a mountain, way above the tree line.  The snow drifts on the north side were about chest high.  At my height that isn't very high.  I got back on the 12th.  I would say that the trip was unsuccessful because I didn't harvest a grizzly.  Essentially, I was looking for Yogi and all I saw was Boo Boo.  My goal was a 9 ft. Grizz and I only saw a 6 ft. Black Bear.  The experience was very Spartan.  No running water, except for the streams, and no electricity.  Just a guide, a tent and a pot belly stove. 

If you can imagine no Internet or newspaper delivery and a total black out when it comes to information.  As I was taxiing into the gate at DFW, I started reading about Officer Vo's tragedy, the police departments troubles with the FBI, and the four murders in our city.  All of this came to me at one sitting.  I was simply devastated.  But I have solid faith in our Police and they will bounce back from this event and I know that they are hard at work trying to find the criminals that are still at large.  One has already been apprehended.  Well, we have a Council Meeting this week and I have about 1300 pages to read and prepare for discussion.  Just an added note; the apartment issue is getting very exciting and I hope to share all of that information with you very shortly.  Stay tuned!

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