Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Yesterday morning I rode the Metropolitan Arlington Xpress or MAX to Centerport station's TRE stop.  The bus was clean, air conditioned and gave a smooth ride.  It was a very pleasant experience to leave the driving to someone else and talk to my neighbor Stephen Zimmer.  The ride took about 20 minutes.  A ticket to ride for the entire day is $5.00.  This will also give you transfer authority to be able to ride the "T" in Ft. Worth or DART in Dallas.  If you are a student the price is cut in half to $2.50.  For the first month you can also register with the city down at City Hall and ride for free.  This contract is for two years and will allow you to visit the Bush Library or State Fair without the hassle of parking and traffic while you read a book.

Essentially this service does a few things.  1.  Arlington is no longer the largest city in America without mass transit.  2.  It closes the hole in the donut concerning Arlington and mobility aspects that surround our city.  3.  It give us a good look at what the ridership might be for a light rail system from UTA through the entertainment district to Centerport and possibly beyond to DFW.  I think that this is a very important step in our City's evolution.  You can thank Kathryn Wilemon for her efforts in bringing the MAX to Arlington.

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