Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Today, November 11, we observe Veterans Day.  Join me at the Veterans Park in Arlington, at 11 AM, to pay tribute to all veterans for these are the heroes who have defended our nation with courage and honor. Please take the time to thank those men and women who have served in our Armed Forces, and served down range to protect our precious way of life. The preservation of freedom isn't free; it is paid for by the blood, tears, and the sacrifice of our veterans and their families.  Many of our veterans have paid the ultimate price and are still missing in action, and many others are buried in far away places around the globe.  Remember that every moment of every hour of every day, brave Americans are standing watch.  They stand watch at their posts, in the air and on or under the sea.  They are there for you.  So if at all possible, please take a moment to reflect and pray for all service men and women. They’ve served the cause of Liberty, and their bravery is the fuel that has kept the beacon of freedom burning strong. They are truly the American Heroes!


  1. I am a Vietnam Veteran. A "working poor" veteran. I can barely find a decent place to live as it stands now. the place where I am presently living is to be torn down. I may be able to find some to live. but the hundreds of other poor people like myself will suffer needlessly because of seemingly greed on the part of of a person who claims to want development. to me it looks like an ideal opportunity to make sure there is less competition for his other endeavor a few yards down the road. Is there a plan in place to help the hundreds of poor people relocate? I doubt it. This is just another instance of the call of the dollar being put ahead of the welfare of the poor. As usual, the poor has no voice or say in the nasty matter.

    1. Brittany thank you for the service to our country. The development that you are referring to concern the apartments along Lamar. These apartments are in extreme disrepair and have reached their shelf life, due to the owners not reinvesting to renovate those properties. There comes a time in the evolution of a city where upgrade is required. Change always requires some discomfort. In your case relocation will be required. Arlington has 45,000 multi family units, 20,000 are in North Arlington. I’m certain that there is something that will fit your needs.

      I think that you will find that Mr. Kimbel is a very caring man, and very easy to work with. He has a relocation plan in effect, and I am confident that your transition will be as easy as possible given the situation.


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