Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21 January Council Meeting

This evening two items of significance were approved.

The first item was the Arlington Lofts.  This is a student housing project that will be located on the north side of Abrams street.  Greystar is the company that constructs student housing all over the US in various College/University settings.  Lance Hana is their representative, and he has done an exemplary job in representing this project.  Essentially the vote this evening was 6-3 in favor.  I was a no vote because I felt that the development was located in the wrong place.  Its current location did not benefit the school, nor did it benefit the city, since it was four blocks from downtown Arlington.  I have ridden around the project area with John Hall, Lance Hana, Lana Wolf, and Michael Glasby.  I have even talked to the President of the University, Dr. Vistasp Karbhari.  Most agreed that there were several different locations that could have been utilized, but this was the easiest solution for Greystar.  So they picked the low hanging fruit instead of doing what I felt was best for the community as a whole.

The second item had to do with the Lamar Apartment project, currently called the Arlington Commons.  Zoning was changed from Multi Use to a PD for multi family with a density of no more than 60 per acre.  Then, the 380 agreement was modified in conjunction with procurement financing.  John David Moritz will now front the financing for the procurement of the first 3 apartment complexes.  What this all means is that this program is a go.  We have waited 8 years for something to happen in the overlay, and we are off to the races.  Mr. Kembel will engaged lawyers and architects in an effort to close on the first three properties by February 10th.  After that date the city will write the check for 2.0 million for demolition and a 1.5 million incentive.  It is time for this project to get its wings.  I can tell you without hesitation that if it was not for the hard work and diligence of Trey Yelverton and Bruce Payne, we would be living with those deteriorating establishments for the next 8 years.  I must say that it has been a long road, and this project currently has the unanimous support of council and staff.  It was a good evening


  1. Swell! Mushrooming from 24 units per acre to 60 per acre seems like just the solution this city needs. NOT.

    First, residents were sold/told/'presented' a spectacular mixed-use scenario.... the dog and pony show a couple of years ago comes to mind.

    Eventually, the truth is revealed, when citizen attention is focused elsewhere... NO 'business', ALL apartments... at nearly 2.5 times the current saturation. So we can anticipate 250% more problems in the not-too-distant future.

    Yes, I'm sure THAT is the answer to all our problems. And some people wonder why others no longer trust government or elected 'officials', even local ones.

  2. We have waited 9 years for something to happen in the overlay. Your solution is to wait nine more. What a great idea! I wish that I could have thought of that. The reality of the situation is that this is a very high end establishment that will be commanding $1.60 per sq/ft. Anonymous, you couldn't afford to live there. The infusion of money to this area of Arlington will raise the tax base of the entire neighborhood. If it doesn't then Mr. Kembel will go bankrupt and we will have empty lots, and that will be better than what we have now. But why would you listen to me, I'm just an elected official in local government. Oh and if you would have attended my town hall meeting you would never have heard me mention mixed use. So pay attention next time.


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