Wednesday, May 13, 2015


While everyone in Arlington was going to the polls to vote on Mayor, Council, School Board and Prop 1, I was lucky enough to be removed from the process by attending my son’s wedding in Cabo.  I was surprised by some of the results, especially in the school board races.  I was not surprised by the Mayor and Prop 1 results.                                                                                                                                                
School Board races gave me pause because this current School Board was voted Number 1 in the state, and the one race that kept Aaron Reich was within 1% of losing.  Peter Baron was in the same situation with a losing result.  I find this unwarranted due to the performance of the School Board over the last few years.  I feel that these are good people doing a thankless job, to create a positive learning environment for our children.  We will see what results can be achieved.                                                             

The Mayoral race I saw before leaving was a very close contest.  Jeff ran a very good campaign and was simply rewarded with this victory.  I spent yesterday with the Mayor at our Council meeting and he seems to be taking the defeat very positively, and in good spirits.  It may have been time for a change and some fresh ideas, but Mayor Cluck’s body of work over the past 16 yrs. has been remarkable and good for the city.  He can be proud of the accomplishments that he and past Councils have achieved with a good conscience.  Isn’t that what we all strive to do in our lives?                                                                    

Concerning the Red Light Cameras, the people have spoken, and my hands are clean.  I have tried to educate the citizens on what will happen and we will see if accidents increase like in other cities.  I have every confidence that the RLC company will sue the city and that the election will be ruled illegal, just as it has been in the other six cities in Texas.  I can only hope that your loved ones will not be injured in the future, because of this poor decision by the voters.                                                                                                        

Concerning my son’s wedding, it was beautiful.  The groom was handsome, the bride was beautiful, the setting was remarkable, and I caught a 150 lb. striped marlin.  This event was successful in removing me from the political process and enjoying the time with my family.  I am blessed.


  1. Mr. Parker, you say: "Concerning the Red Light Cameras, the people have spoken".

    Yes, and the Senate of the state of Texas has also spoken overwhelmingly to end the abuse of these cameras. []

    It seems, Mr. Parker, that you are a man to follow the democratic process. So, do provide a few answers, if you please:

    Do you plan to end-run the will of the people by finding another American Traffic Solutions shill like Jody Weiderman for your future litigation? []

    Do you plan to end-run the will of the people by posting another biased "information" page on the City of Arlington website? []

    Do you plan to end-run the will of the people by just moving the traffic cameras off their poles and onto a vehicle? []

    Do you plan to end-run the will of the people by grandfathering a long contract, as you did in 2009? []

    I look forward to your replies, Mr. Parker, because I know that you are a man of the people -- not someone who pays lip service to that idea until it doesn't suit him, or until he can't write a $12 million check on it. []

  2. I don't plan to do any of those things. I plan to live with the decision just as I have with the decision to elect our current president.


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