Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Well it’s been about three weeks since I have posted on this blog.  Since that time the Christmas ornaments have been pulled out of storage and put back in.  I trust that you all have had a wonderful holiday season and now it is time to start the grind of a new year.  2016 will pose some challenges and hopefully some turnaround not only for our city but for our country as well. 

We will have a new president one way or another.  Politically it is shaping up to be a Presidential slugfest and it will be very interesting watching its evolution.  I will be seeking a third term as your representative in Arlington’s North District.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity for the last four years to represent you.  In doing so, I have had the opportunity to participate on a Council that is dedicated to making Arlington a better place to live.  We set the table for General Motors to invest $1.4 Billion dollars into their Arlington plant.  We have approved investment around the Ballpark with $200 Million dedicated to Texas Live, a new hotel and convention center.  We have attracted the largest home builder in the country to build his headquarters here.  D. R. Horton chose North Arlington because of the attributes that we offer.  Our first Fortune 500 Company!     Three of the four apartment complexes are down and building will start on the Arlington Commons this month.  Another $200 Million investment in our community that will raise the property values for the surrounding home owners.  Across the street the strip mall is undergoing renovation in anticipation of increased business.  The new library will start construction in the first quarter of 2016, and across the street another $49 Million project, 101 Abram is moving along rapidly.

 Back up north Viridian continues to evolve with 600 lots either complete or under construction, and it will start construction on the commercial aspect of the community as the next step in its evolution.  Champions Park has started construction along Collins and will hopefully bring in quality retail and restaurants as a result of Greenway Associates efforts.  Across the street, the TXDOT property is still being shopped by Trammel Crow, and we hope that 2016 will bring a tenant forward to allow the building of a class A office space complex.  The MGM Grand is still on the horizon for 2016.  We have a timeline for this project and we will see if the developer has the horsepower to fill his financial obligations required by this timeline.  Ditto golf course will start its renovation, striving to make it a top tier quality course here in North Arlington. 

 I have also lead the charge in creating an Economic Development Corporation within the city.  This Corporation will be able to fund projects like the Senior Center and a Multi-Generational center.  Again the table has been set for the voters of Arlington.  The funding for the EDC will come from a ¼ cent sales tax increase.  That money will allow us to fund these projects.  Every other city in the Metroplex save one (Sachse) is operating at 8 ¼ cents sales tax.  This issue will be on the November ballot, and I ask you all to support it and allow Arlington to continue its growth and broaden its service to the community.

As you can see 2016 is shaping up to be a challenging year with remarkable opportunities.  I hope to be able to continue my participation in these challenges.  I will need your vote in May to give me that opportunity.  Thanks for your confidence.

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