Monday, May 29, 2017

Civil Service

At the last union meeting David Crow stated, “Don’t worry about your benefits, they will remain untouched.  I have talked to all the Council members except Charlie Parker and they have assured me of this.”  Really!  I knew that Sheri was in England and I know he didn’t talk to her.  As I sat eating dinner at the last Council meeting, I was surrounded by Council members.  I asked, “Did Crow talk to anyone about benefits under Civil Service?”  They all said No.  We have all been called liars by the Fire Union, but we didn’t lie at all.  I listed 10 of the most prominent lies that Crow has told to the Union members, but this is the biggest one of them all.  Maybe now you will understand who was telling you the truth all along. 

The Council, on its agenda of the last meeting, has hired a law firm that is adept in administering Civil Service.  They will be guiding Council in the proper ways to establish Civil Service in Arlington.  I assure you that there is no emotion here, just the business of doing the work required of the city, asked for by the voters of Arlington.  But I have stated several times there will be no cherry picking in the process of establishing Civil Service.  What is stated in the statute of Part 143 is what will prevail, and it will be established because it is the written word and can be backed up accordingly.  The Police department will continue to enjoy the generosity of the City while the Fire department will enjoy the generosity of the State.  It is important that you recognize the truth, and what it looks like, not following a union leader blindly thinking he has integrity.  The truth about Civil Service will arrive on October 30th, enjoy!


  1. Tomorrow will be telling how devoted you are Mr Parker (and Mayor and the rest of the Council) regarding civil service and how the City's elected officials will either keep control of the Fire Department or let the union thugs run things. Today the appointed and salaried chiefs sent a letter to CMO remaining on the side of management. Don't let them down by lumping them in with the yellow shirts.

  2. I just got home from the meeting about an hour ago. I can't speak for the rest of the Council but what we did today is remove $807,000 from the pay benefits from the fire department. That is the estimate from the City Manager to run Civil Service for the first year. We also withheld the purchase of a fire engine to save another $500,000 until we see the expenditures for the first half year. The Union has threatened to sue the city already for the Deputy Chief positions and the A/O testing. We are unsure of the cost of these suits but it would be unfair to the other departments to have to pay for these litigious problems brought to us by AFF. My position is that we keep the Deputy Chief positions. If the Battalion Chiefs don't like it, then they will have the opportunity to return to Captain.

  3. Thank you!
    Your next big move should be to finally kill the Meet and Confer Fiasco. This never worked right for either side. Nothing really beneficial came out of it for the citizens.
    The cost of losing the right to appoint managers and assess the skills of supervisors really needs to be felt by the union. They have unlimited sick time acruels now....check their behavior now, its crazy. Arlington Firefighters are terribly sick on Saturdays for some reason.
    Citizens, pay attention to what is happening. The union won the election without telling the whole story to you. They care only for themselves- they learned this from the old bullies like their leaders and the poor senior members that can't pass an assessment center.

  4. You might want to read my post this morning called "Civil Service is Coming,"


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