Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jake Ellzey for Congress

“As a Navy fighter pilot for almost two decades, I was honored to serve with committed men and women who dedicated their lives to our country. But this same sense of commitment is missing in Washington DC. Now our nation’s capitol is full of entrenched politicians more interested in dividing Americans. That is why I am running – to improve the direction of our country and start focusing on the issues most important to our families. This starts with securing our borders, protecting taxpayers, rebuilding our military, taking better care of veterans, and implementing term limits to remove politicians that no longer serve our best interests. I don’t consider myself a politician – I’m a fighter pilot with a new mission.”
— Jake Ellzey
Ret. Commander, United States Navy

The 6th Congressional District is in need of leadership.  Washington needs energy, experience and the ability to make decisions crafted by mainstream Republican values.  These attributes can only be found in one candidate.  That is why I am proud to endorse my friend and fellow naval aviator, Jake Ellzey for Congress.  Jake will insure that America’s military remains strong, he will fight for smaller government, fiscal restraint, and put God, country and Texas values before all else.  Please help me send Jake to Washington by voting Jake Ellzey for Congress
Charlie Parker
Arlington City Councilman District 1  

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