Tuesday, November 20, 2012

College Park District

Last night was really a special evening.  It was the dedication of the new College Park District.  This project was concieved and finished in a five year period.  Mr. John Hall was the operations and hands on planning guru for the project.  I believe that some 300 million dollars was put into the project and it has just turned out beautifully.  The city provided 18 million for the parking garage.  First Baptist donated some land to make the deal complete.  It allows students the opportunity to have more of an On Campus experience instead of a Commuter Experience that has prevailed at UTA for some years.  Numerous donors were recognized and the finishing product is one that everyone in Arlington can be proud of.  After the dedication and the reception that followed, the crowd went over to listen to Seth Meyers at the College Park Center.

Seth Meyers has been with Saturday Night Live for many years and is part of the UTA speakers program for this year.  His standup routine is one that is entertaining and up to date concerning the current events that our nation is experiencing.  All in all a great evening of entertainment and a remarkable night for the city of Arlington.

Today is Council Day and I have Committee meetings and other obligations throughout the day.  I will report what I can on a new entry tomorrow.

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