Monday, November 12, 2012


This weekend was busy to say the least.  I cooked for the Men's Breakfast on Saturday, at our church.  While I was there I got a few TXT messages, concerning acitivty in North Randle Mill Park.  It seems that one individual had taken it upon himself to clean up the park and reconstitute it the way he wanted it.  The problem with this idea is that neighbors living adjacent like to enjoy the serenity of the park on Saturdays with tranquility, and not hear a wood chipper running at 0800-1200 on their day off.  Plus they might like the natural state of the park they way that nature intended.  So this problem had to be dealt with.  In so doing I missed an engagement that I was supposed to attend, and I apologize.  I hate it when I get wrapped around the axle and conflict results in me being a no show.  After that I got to perform some domestic tasks around the house and prepare dinner for some guests.  Hey how about them Aggies?

Sunday was Veteran's Day and my day started with supporting my Rotary Club and putting out flags at 0600 in the morning.  Then to Church and teaching Sunday School to twenty kids.  But Veterans Day kept ringing in my mind.  Where is the consideration.  I know, I will attend the festivities at Veteran's Park today.  But little was given in support of this holiday.  Maybe my spirits will be lifted today.  The only consolation was to watch a bad Cowboy team beat a worse Eagle team.  It was like watching the battle of the cellar.  Well, for those of you that can attend there is a ceremony at Veteran's Park today at 11:00 to appreciate the service of our Veterans.  If you can attend I hope to see you there. 

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