Friday, December 7, 2012

48 hours

Yesterday morning I testified at a hearing concerning the Forest Hills apartments.  It was to consider 5 of the 10 buildings on that property uninhabitable.  The proceedings were over at 7:30 last night and they started at 11:00 in the morning.  I had to leave after my testimony because I had to drive to Round Rock for an energy symposium for this morning.  The ruling of Judge Milner is that 4 of the 5 buildings were ruled Dangerous or Substandard Structures and the owner was given 60 days to make the structures safe.  If not, then a demolition request will be requested.  We have made great strides in code enforcement and crime reduction.  Gangs have been relocated, bike patrols have been established and neighborhood crime is down because of the code enforcement officers and the police patrols.  If you see them be sure to thank them. 

The symposium was very informative.  It dealt with how power gets to cities and in what forms it takes considering the different types of power.  Wind, solar, nuclear, hydrocarbon and coal.  They all have different characteristics and different shelf lives. 

Now let me entertain some of the comments that are taking place on another media.  This blog is still taking comments.  I will not deal with certain elements that do not like my answers to them.  It is one thing to ask a question and receive an answer, but if the answer isn't one that you personally like I'm very sorry but that is still the answer.  Now I have explained in detail why it is impossible to reclaim an apartment complex and put single family homes in its place.  A certain individual simply doesn't have the capacity to understand this concept, no matter how many times I have personally explained it to her.  I have spent hours explaining this concept to her without success.  I have also spent an extreme amount of time explaining my vote on a development project in south Arlington.  She didn't like that answer either.  I will be more than happy to answer everyone else's questions on this blog, that is what it was made for.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Charlie, I wrote that this blog was not taking comments but retracted that later in the same day (yesterday). It was an issue with my browser. I am really shocked more folks do not post here.

  2. TY, Lonnie..I read your I know this blog is here. I am a block from Forest Hills and you have no idea how frustrating living down the street from those complexes has become. We have had at least 4 reasons to call the police over the last 6 months. There is only so much charlie can do..Cluckie and crew have been here for awhile. I can not even figure out how he got voted in again..but I know one thing...I am going to make it my crusade to see he is not voted in again next time around. Trish Pirtle


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