Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dec 4th City Council Meeting

You may have noticed my absence at both the afternoon and evening City Council Meetings.  The reason for my absence was that I got something in my eye on Monday afternoon and for the life of my I couldn't get it out.  So the only time that the Doctor could see me was 3:45 that afternoon.  Now I feel like I have a log in my eye and everytime I blink, it feels like I'm scraping a groove in my eyelid.  I had attended a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce in the morning and all Committee meetings up to that point.  When I left for my appointment it was my intention to attend the evening meeting.  But the Doctor informed me that I had a metal sliver enbedded in my eye and he couldn't remove it at the office, so he sent me to the emergency room.  That is when I knew I was going to miss the evening meeting and I informed the office of such. 

Now let me inform you of the meeting at the Chamber.  An apartment developer from Jacksonville, Florida was in taking a look at our apartment situation.  Of course I directed him to the President's Corner area and he was very interested in the prospect of tearing down these apartments and building others.  I confessed that it was a challenged area.  He stated that, "where there are challenges, there are opportunities."  I like this guy!  There are several people just like him that are voicing interest in the Overlay Area.  You never can tell when something might just happen.

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