Friday, January 11, 2013

10 January

Yesterday was very interesting.  First off was a United Way meeting.  Fascinating statistics on Tarrant County.  I wish there were numbers specific to Arlington but that was not the case.  Although the briefing was interesting there was little to report that actually affected Arlington.

Then there was a CDBG street project briefing concerning a street makeover off of center just north of Pioneer Parkway.  Not too interesting.

Lastly was the Firefighters graduated a new class of cadets last night.  (21)  I was impressed with the quality of individual that our fire department is getting as new hires.  The leading graduate was a Marine with two tours in Iraq.  Although he had no fire or emergency medical background, the fire department gave him a chance and the city of Arlington benefited in a big way.  What a remarkable individual!  Of the 21 cadets, I would say that about half of them had already been responsible in saving a life.  They have only been in the program for six months.  Graduation day in any category is a good day.

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