Thursday, January 17, 2013

The New Walmart

Yesterday was the opening of the Walmart Neighborhood store on Collins.  As I entered the store I was struck by the beauty of the floors.  They were not only polished but they were acid etched and presented a clean, light atmosphere.  As I proceeded through the store I was also impressed by the quality of their produce.  Everything was displayed in such a way as to appeal to the consumer.  The aisles were very wide and allowed for ease in shopping and comfortable two way traffic with other shoppers.  The store is well laid out and although signage is a little small, items were grouped in a logical fashion and easy to find.  I think that you will also find that the prices are very reasonable as well.  The wine area had a wide variety of choices, from reasonably priced labels to a few moderately priced bottles.  I didn't spend much time in the cosmetic area, because gray is the new me, but it looked to be extensive.  There is a pharmacy. and if the problems over at the Walgreens on Lamar become to great this is a welcome alternative. 

As I was standing in the front near the registers, I was talking to the store manager a Ms. Vandal.  In a short period of time several people were concerned that there was no deli.  She replied that the store was ramped up with product in three weeks.  That is a record I guess, and that the deli would be open in about three months.  The foot traffic in the store was moderate, especially since word of the opening wasn't well publicized.  But my experience was one of a pleased consumer.  I think that this store is a welcome addition to our community, and the traffic of consumers alone will benefit the storefronts that are currently vacant in that shopping center.  Before you pass judgement, give it a try.  I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. My family intends to check it out this weekend. The new QT that replaced a dilapidated apartment complex on Cooper and Road to Six flags also opened very recently. It already seems to be very well.


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