Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well today was very interesting and busy.  After proving to a lady that airplanes were not actually flying over her house too low.  I was present at a meeting conducted about "sagging'.  Sagging is predominant with kids, but has transgressed to young adults.  Wearing your pants below your hip is known as sagging.  In attendance at this meeting were, the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police, the City Attorney, the Deputy City Manager and myself.  Essentially the reason for the meeting was to see what other cities had done concerning this behavior. We looked at the pitfalls and hazards concerning writing an ordinance.  The feeling was that two sections of Constitutional Rights could be threatened.  The Fourteenth Amendment, concerning the race card and the First Amendment concerning freedom of expression.

Since we are dealing with pants height I felt that the Fourteenth Amendment was not a player.  However, our Deputy City Manager felt that the ACLU would sue the city if an ordinance were passed.  Dallas had looked at an ordinance and decided the same thing.  So instead of passing anything substantive they spent money on a campaign of awareness, with no result.  Since case law allowed us to look at the reason that schools could enforce dress code, it was obvious that once off school property the First Amendment takes over.  Thus, the pants come down.  Disgusting, isn't it?


  1. I am certainly no fan of sagging, but I tend to look at it as a nice way for folks to self identify themselves as someone I would want to avoid.

    On the flight path issue you mentioned in the first paragraph, I have noticed in recent years that airliners seem to be flying lower over the Ballpark area than they did years ago. Is there a reason for that, or is my perception off? Given your airline experience, I figure you can speak to that with some authority.

  2. Lonnie I feel the same way you do about people who sag. I am almost certain that I will not have a lasting relationship with someone that is wearing their pants in this fashion.

    Please refer me to the comment that I made concerning the flight path issue. Under what post does it exist? Actually there are 2 southerly departures. One with a turn point at 3 miles and the other with one at 10 miles. Both are requried to be above 5,000 ft.prior to the turn.


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