Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Short Term Rental Off The Table

Last night at the City Council Meeting, short term rentals were on the agenda, because this issue was tabled during the meeting on the 19th of March.  I made a motion to remove it from the table and place it on the floor.  I then made another motion to remove the item from the agenda.  What does all that mean and why on earth did I do that?

Essentially, I believe that there should be something on the books concerning short term rentals in Arlington.  But the meeting on the 19th of March proved to be very productive, concerning a rental in a certain neighborhood.  The owner of the property has agreed to meet and talk to the neighbors in the area.  Horaaay!  Finally we have some dialogue between the interested parties.  It is my sincere hope that this discussion will become productive in solving this problem.  In truth there was little support on the Council and if voted on it would be burried for a year before it could be revisited.  I did not want that scenario to play out.  By removing it from the agenda we could revisit the issue immediately if the talks weren't fruitfull.  I am very optimistic about the possibility of an agreeable outcome to this situation.

In the meantime I think that we know the addresses that are being offered as short term rentals.  We will contact these properties and leave information concerning their requirement to register with the city.  Then we can monitor the calls to service by our police and fire departments.  After this baseball and football season we will have a very good accounting of the problems encountered by neighbors of short term rentals.

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