Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arlington Commons & Ditto Golf Course

Two items of interest happened this last week.  The most significant is that Bob Kembel closed on all three apartment complex’s yesterday afternoon.  This is very important in that we are now assured that all four apartment complex’s along Lamar will be torn down.  The reason that it includes the fourth complex is that the tax abatement, contained in the 380 agreement with the city, includes all four properties.  Now since Mr. Kembel closed on the properties, this is the first step in activating the 380 agreement.  The city is now required to issue a check for demo costs, sewers and incentives.  The next step is Mr. Kembel now has to deal with relocation considerations that will take approximately 6 months.  In short, the face lift of this neighborhood will happen.  I want to thank our City Manager, Trey Yelverton and Bruce Payne, our Director of Economic Development for making this a reality.  Game On Arlington!

The second item of interest is that I met with our Parks Department concerning Ditto Golf Course.  As you may know Ditto is scheduled to get a facelift in the new Parks Master Plan.  This is a Major Face Lift valued at about $16 million, that will make Ditto the nicest course in the Mid Cities area.  Concerns have been raised about an entry to the course for maintenance personnel, off of Lincoln.  Gary Pacan, the project engineer, met with Jim Bass and I to address these concerns.  Gary was very understanding, concerning the pressures of the residents in the neighborhood.  If there are concerns, now is the time to voice them.  Once the planning stage is over, then it becomes more difficult because the horse has left the barn.  Although the Lincoln entrance would only be accepting about 6-7 employee cars a day, your concerns are still important.  I assure you that the view out your backyard will not change.  You won’t have a maintenance building to view.  Ditto’s beauty will still be there for you to enjoy.  Gary stated that he will be holding another meeting in about 2 months.  I think that you will see a solution to this problem at that meeting. 

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