Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Calendar and Harris Rd. Project

Last night at the city council meeting a good lesson was learned.  About a year ago there was a builder that wanted to build low end housing on the corner of Calendar and Harris Roads.  Now this builder was the same builder that built the project on the corner of Green Oaks and Fielder, across from the sewage treatment plant, in District 1.  I voted no on the project last year, and the reason was that the property down south had the potential for much nicer homes. 

This property sits between a housing project of very affordable homes, that haven’t worn well with time, and homes that set on acre lots that are very nice.  So the property in question could either be a connection between a community in decline, or an improvement that could increase the property values in the future.  By saying no last year, I got in a heated argument concerning the rights of property owners to do what they wanted to do with their properties.  My position is firm.  I said no the $200K homes, waited a year, and yes to the $350K homes because it is good stewardship of the lands within the city boundaries.  Whatever we vote on will be setting on that property for the next 50 years, so sometimes it’s simply best to be unpopular and say NO to a project instead of settling for something inferior.  Last night was a perfect illustration of this concept.  I think that the citizens of District 2 will be very grateful for the Council’s wisdom, concerning this project.  

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