Monday, March 24, 2014

Art on the Green

This last weekend a function was held called, “Art on the Green.”  Although the weather didn’t cooperate for the outdoor event, at least it didn’t rain.  The event was held at Richard Green Linear Park, and featured about thirty artisans and their products.  I attended with my wife and her friend and I was truly impressed by the quality of the items that were on display.  I actually bought my wife’s birthday present there.  She’ll be 29 again this year, for about the 30th time.  I purchased her a hand turned bowl that was made out of cherry wood with a uniquely rough edge that made the item a beautiful centerpiece for our dinning room table.

There were beautiful antique cars, (my favorite) jewelry, photographers, painters, artists of several different kinds.  A couple of vendors were welders and made all kinds of interesting things out of household items.  Their imaginations were just incredible.  Of course food and beverage of several types were available for lunch.  In total this was a successful event, that was well attended.  I want to thank Experience Arlington and the Chamber for hosting, and bringing this event to the citizens of Arlington.  

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