Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Downtown Apartments/Total Wine

Last night at the Council meeting I tried to make a statement that fell on deaf ears.  A developer had a project to bring a multi family apartment project to downtown Arlington.  The density of the project was acceptable and the overall concept was something that could possibly benefit the downtown area, by bringing people into the local businesses.

But six months ago when the project was first brought to me I only asked one thing of the developer.  That single request was to put some thought and originality into the architectural design.  Not to fall into the same design criteria of the student housing projects of the Sapphire, Arlington Lofts, Campus Edge and College Park projects that have gone before us recently.  When his relief concepts first came out I told him that the designs were so similar that I would not be able to support the project.  He had plenty of time at that point to change the design criteria.  Last night I showed the similarity by putting the other projects up in comparison.  It was my effort to hold the developer to a higher standard and not repeat the mistakes of the 70’s and 80’s in North Arlington.  The vote was 7 to 1 in favor of the project.   

The other issue before Council was our first liquor store.  A Total Wine will be going into the shopping area near Lowes on I-20, and will open in the October time frame.  I'm certain that this business will thrive in south Arlington.  It is a quality establishment that will serve the community well.  I am positive that you will enjoy the experience of shopping in this upscale establishment.  Total Wine is a privately held company started by two brothers.  Over the last decade their success has been proven by the fact that they are opening their 103rd store today in another city.  This is a perfect example of approving a quality product for the City of Arlington.

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