Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 24th Council Meeting

Arlington Council Put Civil Service on Ballot


Last night I did something at Council that I have never done before.  I voted against a valid petition to put Civil Service on the ballot in Arlington by the Fire Fighter’s Union.  I did this because I knew from the comments of my colleagues that it would pass and go on the ballot, but I could not support it.

We have given the Firemen one of the best jobs in the Metroplex.  They work in the Best Big City in the South (Money Magazine), and receive one of the best wages in North Texas, for Fire Fighters.  For all these things that have been given to them, the Union shows their gratitude by slapping Council and City Management in the Face.  They want PERMANEANT JOBS!.  The reality of this statement is that, under Civil Service a Fire Fighter could murder someone and we could only put him on Indefinite suspension .  That’s right!  Although he might be sitting on death row, the City of Arlington would still have him on our books because we can’t get rid of him.  I hope the voters of Arlington have this knowledge when they step into the voting booth in May.


  1. You voted right. Everyone, even the City Manger and CAO needs to read Sec 142.109(e). Council needs to reject Civil Service Petition, its against the law with Meet and Confer. Stop allowing union president to lobby against the city while being paid by tax payers and reducing staffing at his own station. Please investigate this. Stop wasting our time union!

  2. Wow you are so right! I don't know who you are, but thank you for this information. I will try to have it removed from the ballot at the second reading.

  3. Mr. Anonymous although it would seem pretty straight forward concerning para e. The problem is para b which states that a meet and confer contract must be in writing. This is the technicality that the AFF rests its hat on concerning this issue. After talking with the City Manager, he confirms that no written agreement currently exists. Therefore, it would be legal for the Union to submit a petition.

  4. Then why in the world has the Manager, his DCM and many others engaged in M&C meetings and promulgated policies in both Police and Fire for many years?

    What is happening here? The union and City Managment are picking and choosing fragments of law. What a great example of Labor/Management manipulation. Arlington's own government swamp needs to be drained!

  5. And another thing District 1... when you read or hear about the wows of firefighter healthcare (because the president is asking for horror stories), remember he and his union forcibly advocated for higher salary increases instead of keeping spousal coverage and a more modest salary increase in 2015. He Is also part of city stakeholder and planning teams for benefits and provides no solutions just complaints. Much like his approach in Meet and Confer meetings that actually exist. Read the minutes and history docs, we have been practicing M&C for years! The union is just frustrated that their team is often ill prepared or ignorant of managment principles and practices, yet make demands that don't represent all city employees or their own membership.

    1. You are so right. The union just had to have the extra 1.5% which removed spousal insurance for all the staff personnel's wives that could get insurance elsewhere. Now they don't care about W2. They are willing to give up W2 for hiring and advancement via test, and permanent employment. This is a union scam especially when dealing with the young firemen. We have a good fire department and it got that way not by civil service but by selective hiring and advancement. It is important to know what kind of person has your back, and you can't tell that by the results of a test. It takes the full interview process combined with a test to find that person.

  6. As I stated previously, there is no WRITTEN CONTRACT currently for meet and confer. The city and the union meet to try and solve problems. If Civil Service is approved by the citizens, then there will be no more meet and confer. Civil Service ergo the State will be the governing body, and there will be no municipal input to the problems that exist at the fire department in Arlington.

  7. Will shame on everyone for poor government. Both parties wasted so much time and implemented policies under the premise of M&C but suddenly the union goes for civil service and the city ducks and covers and doesn't pushback. I'm not a fan of civil service or state control of local labor issues. This will send the FD backwards and give power to the bully eboard. This will reduce our diversity reforms and comprehensive and fair promotional process. When you are approached by them ask hard questions and demand real and variable proof. Drain the swamp of poor weak government and heavy handed, dishonest unions!

  8. I'm sorry but I believe that your city government didn't "duck and cover". I believe that I have done an adequate job of bringing out the fallacies of Civil Service and the Union snow job that they are trying to put over on the public. We haven't even started an informational campaign yet. So stop the name calling and lace up your boots and get the word out yourself.


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