Thursday, April 27, 2017

Just More Lies


Obviously the latest flyer from the Yes campaign does show the faces of Arlington Firefighters. So which is it? Poor me I can't show my face or I lied to you before, and I could always show my face! This entire campaign has been a string of mistruths in an effort to represent the city in a bad light. To bite the hand that feeds you. Let's take a step back a week and look at some of the most obvious lies they have told you to get your vote:
1. 92% of firefighters want civil service.
We know that only 197 of the 320 firefighter wanted it which works out to around 60%.
2. We have received a pay cut the last two years.
No you received a 3% pay raise in 2015 and a 5.5% raise in 2016.
3. The city took spousal insurance away from us.
No, because you had to have another 1.5% pay raise we asked spouses in all staff households to get insurance coverage at their place of work if it was available. All that money saved went to the firefighters.
4. You stated "minimum staffing pay" was cut.
It is called Overtime. This is probably the closest they have come to telling the truth. Overtime is not to be considered as part of your paycheck.
5. This is not a union thing because we are an association.
President Crow, "the IAFF continues to experience growth in our Union," and "it will become increasingly hard for unionized workers to have the ear of elected officials."
6. Our leaders have warned us that if we show our face or use our name in a mailing to voters, we will face disciplinary action.
One week later they publish the mailer you just received with their faces all over it.
7. "We want to hire people for what they know not who they know."
This is the biggest lie. They have yet to publish one name that was hired because they knew someone. Factually it is false because seniority points are added to test scores. Tenure based hiring takes the place of an interview process. Only test scores matter to Civil Service.
8. Diversity will increase under Civil Service.
Diversity will be removed entirely by Civil Service. Hiring is accomplished by test score only. Where will diversity come in play?
Crow, "hire by what you know, not who you know, or what you look like."
There is the real truth. Crow only wants white males in the department.
9. Civil Service provides coverage for reservists to cover military leave.
No, civil service provides 150 hrs. The city provides 180 hrs. and pays the difference in pay if the reservist is called to active duty. This will all go away under civil service.
10. Sure you can get fired under civil service.
No, you are put on "indefinite suspension" because Part 143.001 (a) states, "The purpose of this to provide permanent employment tenure as public servants." Ft. Worth Police Officer Dunn got his job back after stealing overtime dollars on shifts he didn't work. He got his job back and $400,000 in back wages.

Well those are my top 10 lies by the Firefighter Union. Bullying is rampant in the fire house. The Union threatened a retired firefighters business because he spoke out against civil service. So do you want to maintain the current award winning high standards that you are satisfied with or vote for a union that will lie to your face? I know the facts and I voted NO on Prop2!


  1. I see union president David Crow, Scott Hofstrom, Shawn Graham, Troy Brooks and Brad Easter along with a front row that are not Arlington firefighters. Isn't there a rule against using your picture for political purposes?

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  3. Can you please remove the post that mentions my name. It is not truthful and is inaccurate. Thank you Sir.
    Tim Fortner.

  4. Mr. Fortner do you or do you not have a rebel flag on your truck? Easy question. Or did you just remove it?

  5. Mr. Parker
    I do not have a rebel flag on my truck. About 5 years ago I had a Sons of Confederate Veterans sticker on my truck.
    I am not and have never been apart of the Associations leadership team.
    Again, I respectfully request that the post be removed.
    Thank you
    Tim Fortner


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