Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Union Lies

This flyer probably came to your house last week.  It states that Civil Service requires cities to give extra time to military reservists.  No they don’t!  USERRA  is the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act.  It is federal law that all cities must abide by.  Arlington currently gives 180 hrs for the reservist to accomplish their military duty.  The only thing that Civil Service does is allow for a city to set up a military leave bank.  This allows other firefighters to work a shift and put the time in the reservists account.  Arlington would do this in a heartbeat if the UNION would have brought it up, but they never did.  This is a no cost item that can be implemented instantly.
What Arlington does do for military personnel is pay them extra.  That’s right, we currently go one step beyond civil service.  If a military member of the city is called up to active duty, the city will pay the difference in pay, so there is no financial strain on the family, for serving your country.  Under civil service this will go away because it is not in Part 143 of the Local Government Code.
Another lie on the flyer was, “92% of you firefighters voted to ask you for Civil Service.”  Here is the truth as posted by another firefighter:
Anonymous April 21, 2017 at 1:52 PM
More fun facts- the union keeps saying they had a 92.5% membership approval vote to fight for civil service. The truth, from their own memo breaks it down like this:
328 members
212 voted
196 voted yes
16 voted no
That's only 59% of the members voted yes.
A majority of course.  Sad that so many of them didn't voice an opinion.
Citizens, do you want 196 firefighters upset about lost overtime to ruin an institution that hired and promoted all of them?
What is even worse is that half of 328 members is 164 members.  196 voted YES so the majority is made up of only 32 firefighters.  That is the number that is causing you to consider this option.  I think it’s a sad commentary that 32 high school graduates are the difference in maintaining the best fire department of over 30 major cities in the United States. These 32 firefighters that could have been in high school last year are throwing away the system that hired them.  I agree with the Anonymous firefighter, the Mayor and Council, the Chamber of Commerce, The Star Telegram, the Arlington Board of Realtors, The Young Men of Arlington, former Mayors Greene and Cluck, former Fire Chief Strickland, Fire Chief Crowson and all the Assistant Fire Chiefs.  Vote No on Prop 2.  Don't fall for UNION LIES!


  1. This morning I had an individual challenge me stating that USERRA didn’t grant payment for military leave, but Civil Service under part 143 did. After calling me several names, demonstrating that he couldn’t communicate on a certain level I refused to publish his comment. I know who this person is an will not publish any of his comments now or in the future. The following are excerpts from both documents. Note that Arlington grants 180 hrs. 60 hrs. more than the USERRA requirement. Part 143 only grants Military Leave Time Accounts. Time accounts are currently used for Police officer union business. You make the call concerning which document speaks to pay for military leave.

    USERRA MILITARY LEAVE, Employees who perform active military duty may request paid military leave, as specified in 5 U.S.C. 6323(a).
    • Under the law, an eligible full-time employee accrues 15 days (120 hours) of military leave each fiscal year. In addition, an employee may carry over up to 15 days (120 hours) of unused military leave from one fiscal year to the next. When the 15 days of military leave that are carried over are combined with the 15 days of military leave accrued at the beginning of the new fiscal year, this produces a maximum military leave benefit of 30 days in a fiscal year. However, since an employee cannot carry over more than 15 calendar days to the next fiscal year, any unused military leave in excess of 15 days will be forfeited at the beginning of the next fiscal year.
    • Part-time career employees accrue military leave on a prorated basis. Employees who elect to use military leave will receive full compensation from their civilian position for each hour charged to military leave, in addition to their military pay for the same period. We remind agencies that 5 U.S.C. 6323 was amended in 2001 to require charges for military leave to be made on an hour for hour basis for all hours the employee would have worked. This does not apply to employees of the United States Postal Service. Additional information on charging military leave can be found in OPM’s memorandum of January 25, 2001, at OPM’s website at http://
    • Employees who perform active military duty may be granted an additional 22 days of military leave under 5 U.S.C. 6323(b) if such leave is granted for the purpose of providing military aid to assist domestic civilian authorities to enforce the law or protect life and property.

    CIVIL SERVICE Sec. 143.075. MILITARY LEAVE TIME ACCOUNTS. (a) A municipality shall maintain military leave time accounts for the fire and police departments and must maintain a separate military leave time account for each department.
    (b) A military leave time account shall benefit a fire fighter or police officer who:
    (1) is a member of the Texas National Guard or the armed forces reserves of the United States;
    (2) was called to active federal military duty while serving as a fire fighter or police officer for the municipality; and
    (3) has served on active duty for a period of 3 continuous months or longer.
    (c) A fire fighter or police officer may donate any amount of accumulated vacation, holiday, sick, or compensatory leave time to the military leave time account in that fire fighter's or police officer's department to help provide salary continuation for fire fighters or police officers who qualify as eligible beneficiaries of the account under Subsection (b). A fire fighter or police officer who wishes to donate time to an account under this section must authorize the donation in writing on a form provided by the fire or police department and approved by the municipality.
    (d) A municipality shall equally distribute the leave time donated to a military leave time account among all fire fighters or police officers who are eligible beneficiaries of that account. The municipality shall credit and debit the applicable military leave time account on an hourly basis regardless of the cash value of the time donated or used.


  2. Charlie ParkerApril 23, 2017 at 6:39 PM

    If you look closely you will see that USERRA pays 120 hrs. and Arlington pays 180 hrs. The reason is that Arlington pays at overtime rates, so at time at a half rates the total number is 180 hrs

  3. Who keeps posting as Anonymous? Seems fictitious, made up.

    Jay Hummel

  4. Mr. Hummel you may think it is made up but I really don't have the numbers nor know where to get them. This is simply a firefighter who is afraid to state his name in fear of union retribution. I can assure you that I did not make this up.

    1. I can vouch that the numbers mentioned were distributed to all Association members. I received the email.

  5. Hello Jay, I can say several of us are on here anonymously for our own career safety. We know about your antics at station six with Troy's "scab list", your constant anti-arlington crap because of your beloved mother' misfortune and your bullying.
    We know you very well. And that the union has a history of and current practice at bullying and intimidation. You guys have attacked every ops chief in some manner, non union FD members, and now Mark, a retiree.

    So keep doing what you do and we will keep doing what we do. See ya at the station...

  6. Damn, that was awesome! Serious, truth spoken!


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