Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August

Today was very interesting.  I got up this morning and started to get a few complaints concerning a house in the area that neighbors were complaining about the comings and goings etc.  I took care of this just a few minutes ago.  It seems the neighbors have concerns.  There are 4 middle aged to older men that work for the Veterans Administration living there.  They work very hard to try and help Veterans coming back from war to adjust and find a place in life.  The men work 16 hours a day 4 days a week and they sit in their garage with the door open and smoke their cigarettes because they can't smoke in the house.  They try to not to bother anyone but one of the individuals that doesn't live there went nuts and set fire to the Veterans Van.  He is in jail and going to prison for a few.  I had a good time at the Cowboys luncheon.  That was nice.  I went through about 10 emails concerning 1010 Collins.  I will be meeting with Mr. Beckerman the owner tomorrow concerning the proper permits required for him to continue in business.  I also stopped by the Walgreens on Davis to ensure that there was a even flow of kids from school to home.  We had three cruisers in the parking lot.  Everything seems to be progressing smoothly there. 

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