Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Day

Today I had an opportunity to have breakfast with Kathryn Wilemon and we talked for about 1:45 just to try and get to know each other.  She is a very nice lady and a genuinely good person.  After breakfast I had a meeting with a Mr. Beckerman from 1010 Collins.  Essentially he is running an establishment without the proper permits and he has gone out of the scope of his special use permit.  We came to a temporary conclusion to try and get him through the weekend and at that point he will have to revert to the banquet hall mode to continue his business.  He cannot operate as a night club or a bar.  This was all caused by the fact that he rented his facility out to a group of teenagers and fights and riots started.  This reflects poorly on the judgement of Mr. Beckerman, and the continued operation of 1010 Collins.

After that I went down to the Walgreens at Davis and Lamar and we had another good day of moving teenagers out of the store parking lot.  The store manager Mr. Thomasson is very pleased with the current situation.  We must be making a difference.  I told one kid to pull up his pants and he did it.  Amazing what a little guidance can do in a teenager's life.

Lastly I had to put out a little fire concerning some guys that work for the Veterans Administration and an incident that happened this weekend.  Really these guys are good people and they just need to get a little more friendly with the neighbors in the area.  Having four grown men live in a house is a little intimadating to some of the neighbors.

Tomorrow is another day with coffee with Deanna Palla, lunch at Grace Community Church, and then watching the Japanese all stars play a local team at Randle Mill Park.  Another full day.

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