Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well a lot of you have asked for a place to go where you can see what is happening in our community. This is what my neighbor and I have come up with. Since I can't even log in properly he has drug me by the nose into the computer age.
At the city council we are currently going over the budget, because it has to be approved before the fiscal year that starts 1 Oct. Ergo the town hall meeting tonight and the one last week. Essentially, your house value went down last year 1%, so your property taxes will be a little less. Unfortunately for business owners their values went up by 2 1/2%, so their taxes will rise a little. The big news is that sales tax has been remarkable. For the first time in Arlington history we will go over the $50 million range. As a matter of fact we are looking at $52 million in sales this year. So the budget has a 3% raise built into it for all city employees. I don't believe that they have had a raise in 5 years so it is well deserved in my opinion.
I am glad that you like the site and we will soon be able to post here and it will go to facebook automatically. Stay tuned.

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