Monday, October 28, 2013

Monoply Streets

Tonight at 7:00 at Nichols Jr. High School, I will be having the second meeting with the residents of the Park Place edition, also known as the Monopoly Streets.  We are going to look at the possibility of removing a half mile of wooden fence that is in disrepair, and putting up a masonry wall.  The masonry wall would extend down Canty St. and make the corner at Randy Snow and end at the park.

We had an initial meeting about three months ago.  The purpose of that meeting was to present the idea, and then find out if there was support in going forward with the project.  Now we have the numbers required to give the neighbors specifics.  The wall will cost the neighbors a total of $5.79 a month for ten years, and that includes insurance.  The benefits of making such an improvement are two fold.  1)  By pooling their money and putting up the wall, they will enchance the beauty of their neighborhood, and their property values will increase. 2)  Realtors state that the amount of time a house is on the market is decreased because people want to live in a well maintained community. 

Change is never met without issues, especially when you are talking about other people’s money.  So there is some resistance to moving forward, but nothing that sensible people can’t talk out.  I look forward to this evening and talking to my constituents.  This is another step in making our neighborhoods in North Arlington, a better place to live.

Side note:  Last night the Arlington Police Department put on the first annual Police Palooza at J. Gilligans from 3-10 pm.  The event was well attended, and music artists associated with the APD performed.  All proceeds went to charity.  A great time!     

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