Wednesday, October 2, 2013

National Night Out

Last night Arlington joined a national effort to participate with other cities to take America back.  I had the honor of riding with North Arlington Police Chief Leland Strickland.  We only had time to attend six of the thirty events that were held in north Arlington.  Each gathering was unique in atmosphere, food and citizens in attendance.  National Night Out is an evening that is enjoyable, entertaining and full of community.  It brings neighborhoods closer together, and tightens relationships.

The National Event is 30 years young and involved 37.5 million people in 15,704 communities from 50 states last year.  The purpose is to (1) heighten crime prevention awareness, (2) increase participation in anti crime programs, (3) strengthen neighborhood spirit and strengthen first responder relationships, and (4) send a message to criminals, stating we are organized and fighting to keep our neighborhoods crime free.

The Chief and I wanted to stay the evening at each event.  The combination of good food, visiting with friends and talking about what is happening in your neighborhoods, was simply too enjoyable.  I could have stayed for the duration, but we had to move to the next event.  At each event that we attended, Police Officers and Firefighters were in abundance.  These personal contacts are extremely valuable in formulating community relationships with our first responders.  They enjoy putting names to neighborhoods and hearing your concerns.  I also noticed that the best food gets the biggest fire truck.

Again, Chief Strickland and I had a great time, and we look forward to NNO every year.  We want to thank those that organized the parties and cookouts, and also those who participated by showing their support.  The opportunity to get together to promote awareness, safety, and neighborhood unity, also bolsters first responder relationships.  This builds a foundation for community partnerships and couples citizen involvement that only strengthens the resolve of a safer nation.   Well Done North Arlington!!

PS:  This blog went over 18,000 views yesterday.  For being in existence for only 1 year that is remarkable.  Please continue to stay informed about the issues in our community.

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