Sunday, October 20, 2013

Odds and Ends

Southwest Nature Preserve :  Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend the opening of the Southwest Nature Preserve.  It is about 7 acres and it is a beautiful little area off of Bowman Springs Road south of I-20.  The lake is very picturesque and a perfect place to teach your kids to fish or just sit and take in the sights.  There is a platform that sits in the lake connected to a wide walking path.  Pick-Nick tables are available, and I was simply impressed by the overall serenity of the Preserve. 

As a converted Texan I hold the outdoors and nature in a special place.  I have hunted Russian Boar with a bow in Tennessee, Grizzly in the Yukon, and fished all over.  I take the responsibility of passing my appreciation of the Great Outdoors on to my children.  I don’t want them to miss what nature has to offer.  This Southwest Nature Preserve is a perfect place to start that appreciation process with your family.

ATF Reorganization:  The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation was reorganized this last week.  The Fund will be capped at 100 million dollars, and the remainder of the revenue will be utilized to invest in our city.  The corpus or body of the fund will be added to annually to compensate for inflation, to insure that the buying power will remain in place over time.  56% of the remaining funds will be spent on airport/parks projects and cemetery maintenance.  The rest will be utilized for economic development and infrastructure improvements, to include 501 C 3 and city beautification projects.

The Foundation Board is now the City Council and a 5 citizen Advisory Board will be formed to select projects to be funded in our city.  Final approval of expenditures will rest with the Foundation Board.  The corpus of the fund is a very important aspect in the city’s ability to maintain a AAA bond rating.

Bond Election:  The Council was asked for input by the City Manager concerning topics that should be considered for the Bond Election in 2015.  Roads were the main item of concern.  I forwarded the idea of a Senior Recreation Center, centrally located in our city.  I feel that we have neglected our seniors and instead of having classes at the local YMCA, a center designed around an active senior lifestyle should be constructed.  Grand Prairie has already constructed The Summit through a 21 million dollar bond package, and it is well utilized by there seniors of 55 years and older.  If you haven’t seen this facility it is a must.      

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