Thursday, May 22, 2014

Burton or Shelton

Been out of the country for a few days and I guess I should sit down and write this post.  We are in the middle of a run-off election for the State Senate race of district 10.  Your choices are Konni Burton or Dr. Mark Shelton.  I am endorsing Dr. Shelton and I will post several reasons why I have come to this decision:

Konni Burton supports Open Carry Tarrant County.  That’s right, the rifle toting right wing radical gang that goes around scaring everyone in Jack-in-the-Box, Chipotle, and Chic-filet.  They have disrespected our police officers, threatened their families, made remarks concerning my family, violate First Amendment right for others and disobeyed our laws.  She is also associated with the ultra right wing Tea Party.  Is this the type of reasoning you want to send to Austin?  Mark Shelton is not in support.

Konni Burton opposed the school bond issue that passed by 72%.  Do you think that Tarrant County will get any state funds and representation for educating our children? Mark Shelton is in support of education for our children.

Konni Burton is opposed to high speed rail.  She stated this on television.  10 billion dollars of private money will build this project and it will go from Houston to Dallas, but Burton will not support it continuing to Ft. Worth with a stop in Arlington.  No support from her here either.  Mark Shelton is in support of this project.

Konni Burton is against the 50 year water plan.  That’s right, people are coming to the metroplex daily and we are going to have to plan ahead to get water to them.  There is a pipeline from East Texas lakes to Tarrant County and she will go to Austin to stop its construction.  So much for forward thinking.  Mark Shelton is in support of this project.

Konni Burton, while being against encouraging economic development, and not supporting projects like AT&T Stadium and the Ballpark at Arlington, she holds out her hand to take money from Empower Texas PAC ($55,000) and Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC ($25,000) and Texans for Education Reform PAC ($10,000).  She has no problem taking PAC money from special interest groups.  If elected what do you think they will want?  Shelton’s money has come from Alice Walton (Sam’s daughter) and the Texas State Realtors ($25,000) each.

After the looking at the platform and the overall representational thinking of the candidate, I look at the campaign.  Shelton signs are down or missing all over the County but the Burton signs are untouched.  This is a dirty, cheap political trick.  Although it might not be Burton doing it personally, I’m sure that it is her supporters, and I can’t condone that type of behavior in Arlington or in Austin.

I’m going to the polls today and voting for Dr. Mark Shelton.


  1. I agree. With what happened with Tony T. We don't need another fascist right wing legislator from that group in Austin. I believe you have the right to carry and I agree that open carry should be allowed. Courtrooms or council meetings come on folks. Let's respect the security of or elected officials.

  2. She also got the Ted Cruz endorsement you Democrat! Ooops sorry I mean you voting for a democrat! :-)

    1. I voted for Dr. Mark Shelton, is he a Democrat?


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