Thursday, May 8, 2014


Just a note to say that I appreciate your confidence in me to represent you for a second term.  As you know I have retired twice in my career, and therefore I have the time and energy to devote to the citizens of North Arlington.  I would hope that you have seen a difference, due to my efforts in the past two years.  If a change has not been apparent, then I have been remiss, so please feel free to direct my efforts in other directions.

During the last two years I have only voted for one apartment complex, the Arlington Commons on Lamar.  I believe that if we are going to have additional apartments in our city, we need to hold the developer’s feet to the flame, and get a good quality product.  In this term I have also discouraged three other developers not to approach us with apartment projects in the north.  One of those instances was as recent as last Wednesday.

I still have a vision for a retirement community in the Lamar/Collins of North Arlington.  This is my next project and I hope that I have the horsepower to get this accomplished.  This will be my prime objective for this next term.  The TXDot property is coming into play by local entrepreneurs, Mega Hotel on the cusp, Fortune 500 Company to settle in our district, and Glory Park discussions on the horizon.  All of these projects are exciting and viable possibilities for the future of our community.  Other projects are out on the fringe, and you have a group of remarkable people working to make North Arlington the place to live and play in the Metroplex. 

I feel very privileged and honored, that you have entrusted me with your representation of these vital improvements to our city.  I am humbled by your confidence and belief in my leadership capabilities.  I know that I can’t please everyone, but I sleep well at night knowing that I have served my constituents to the best of my capacity.  You have shown your trust and confidence in me by allowing me to run unopposed.  Thank you for the privilege to serve.


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  1. Charlie, I FULLY support your effort to create a retirement (zoning overlay) in the Lmara/Collins corridor. This is the type of development sorely needed. I have frequently voiced this opinion to my neighbors because it 1) reduces the population density in that area 2) lowers the per person demand on muni infrastructure 3) creates a more stable neighborhood 4) incomes are usually higher and more stable (thanks to socsec) and lessens the burdens on the AISD.
    Tom Lupinacci


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