Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 October Council Meeting

Yesterday's events were interesting to say the least.  After the Executive Session I went into a meeting with the City Manager concerning possible help from the city on a turn around that a company had requested on 107th st..  When I came out of that meeting I found out that the Smoking Ordinance vote was going to be taken off the agenda.  News to me.  Apparently, Mr. Rivera, that had brought the ordinance forward, had a change of heart and wanted it removed from consideration.  He brought the motion to the floor and it was then removed from the agenda.  So the smoking Ordinance remains unchanged.

The Division Street Corridor Strategy has been a hot topic for many months and we have had several meetings and presentations concerning the improvement of this area.  There are many problems concerning this project.  First is to what to do with all the utility poles in the area.  If the city makes the expenditure to bury them, there is only an aesthetic value in the expenditure.  There is no return to the city, so it is a hollow expense only updating our city to please the eye.  Secondly, would be the used (pre-owned) car lots that also are not pleasing to the eye.  What's a mother to do, since they are making money in this economy?

The consulting company retained by the city has come up with some good alternatives to be adopted in certain areas of downtown.  Mixed use with retail below and lofts above, retirement home facilities, and a pre-owned auto mall trying to group the used car community and consolidate it in one area.  Also under consideration would be the widening of the sidewalks to make this area pedestrian and ADA friendly.  I am pleased that we have adopted this policy.  I think that there are some very good opportunities available to update the downtown area.

There was a zoning case before us concerning the apartments in the Windemere area.  That was continued because of the inability to complete an inspection of the fire breaks in the attics.  This will be accomplished this week and reconsidered next week.  The thought was that since this was a rezoning we should take a look to make sure that the fire breaks were in tact because this is a safety of life issue.  We lost an entire building at the Spanish Terrace apartments because the fire breaks were damaged.

Hope to see all of you at the Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 at the New World Methodist Church on the corner of Rocky Canyon and Davis.  Adios!


  1. I have seen these developments in Dallas with retail below and apartments above. I am not sure those apartments above won't have the same issue as other apartments we see in the city today, especially if they are "loft" style apartments. I could see how they might be nice in the beginning, but consider the future profile of someone wanting a loft apartment in downtown Arlington.

  2. Charlie, would you support loft style apartments in that area?

  3. Whether I support a project or not depends on the characteristics of the project. If you take a look at the lofts contained in the square in Southlake it isn't a bad concept and probably won't be a detriment in the future. Most of the lofts in that development are business offices etc..


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