Wednesday, October 3, 2012

National Night Out

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting most of my neighbors at the celebration of National Night Out.  It was a great evening of community and mingling with all of you and discussing the things important to your neighborhood.  I was glad to be able attend about 7 of the get togethers.  I got to ride around with our Deputy Chief of the North Leland Strickland.  Anytime that I have opportunity to be exposed to him it makes me a better person.  We are so fortunate to be able to have him as our Chief.  Also, each party that we visited was welll represented by both our Police Officers and our Fire Department.  It was not only refreshing to see our public service people out in the community on a personal basis but it was also great to see the neighborhoods out in support of each other as a community.  We all love Arlington, and the reason is not the fact that it sit between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  The reason is because of the people that reside in Arlington.  Last night was a perfect example.  What a remarkable evening. 

My apologies to the people at the Baltic area get together.  We were running just too late and I was told that you guys were buttoning up by the time we were heading over to you.  I missed you guys this year.  There was just not enough time in the evening.  I know that Police was their because I talked to Assistant Deputy Chief Brian Johnson and he said you were well represneted.  Scouts honor I'm there early next year.

I did want to put out that I will be having a Town Hall get together toward the end of this month.  Time and Place to be announced.  Also, we are going to be having an Apartment Meeting concerning the progress at the Lamar/Collins Overlay.  This will be held at the Convention Center like the last one, either the last week in November or the first week in December.  Stay engaged, my hope is that you will be pleasently surprised as to the progress that is being mad.  Hey, thanks again for a great evening.

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