Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Week

Last week was interesting to say the least.  Our City Council meeting was unusual for several reasons.  A smoking ordinance vote was postponed because of a lack of understanding as to what the Council was trying to accomplish.  That being the case, the vote was delayed until the next meeting.  I think that much of the confusion was between the Mayor and Councilman Rivera on his reversal on certain aspects of the ordinance.  It is my view that the ordinance as it stands is current and applies to both sides rights.  Then there was the Eastern Star Home that is in such disrepair that it had a demolition permit to be decided upon.  A partial stay was granted until Nov 6th for the Landmark Commission find either a solution or a White Knight to rescue it.

Then there was a Strategy and Planning meeting the following day.  The Council was tasked with looking 5-10 years ahead in an effort to confront the foreseeable problems that the City will face during that timeframe.  It took on a workshop type atmosphere, and was informative as to how the City Staff and Council viewed the obstacles of the future.

Now some of you are concerned about the kids being back at the Walgreens.  Walgreens isn't doing their part.  In order to empower the police to invoke criminal trespass THEY (Walgreens) have to pick up the phone and call it in.  No calls have been received as of yet.  So I have another meeting on Friday to instruct them on procedure.  I look at it as the calm before the storm.  The police and Chief Strickland have done everything they can do unless Walgreens complains.  Once that happens arrests will be made and results will be seen.

That's all for now.  I am at a high school reunion today.  Remember when students were welcomed to a drug store because we behaved properly?  Well those were the good old days.


  1. The Arlington smoking ordinance is NOT good enough and needs to be amended to include all public places and workplaces in the city. No one should ever have to breathe tobacco smoke. It injures and kills innocent people. Let's ban smoking across the board in Arlington!

  2. I appreciate your anonymous opinion, but if a legitimate business is known to be smoker friendly, patrons have a choice. I prefer to let the market decide this.


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