Saturday, October 13, 2012

Town Hall Meeting

Hi Folks, I haven't posted because we were out of the country for a week and just got in yesterday afternoon.  I had put out a request to the Pastor of New World United Methodist Church that we would like to have a Town Hall Meeting and we wanted to utilize his church for the event.  It took about a week for the reply so I am getting this our a little latter than I wanted to.  THERE WILL BE A TOWN HALL MEETING ON 1 NOVEMBER AT 7:00 AT THE NEW WORLD METHODIST CHURCH ON DAVIS. 

The format will be very much the same as the Action North Mtg. that we had about a month ago.  Police, Fire, Code and Public Works will all be represented.  Then if you have any ammo left, you can take some shots at me.  It is always a pleasure for me to get out and meet you guys in person, and put a face to the email.  My plan is to announce an Apartment Meeting in early December.  I hope to have some positive news for you concerning this subject.

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