Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 February Council Meeting

Tonight we voted on three drill permits.  Two I supported.  The sites were located on Polly Webb Rd. and the other on Bowman Springs Rd.  The operator was Vantage Energy and both fulfilled the requirements for the Drilling Ordinance and the more restrictive Fire Ordinance.  These wells are clean operations and my only comment is that since they are now on the new ordinance the masonary walls need to be constructed.  They look as if they are industrial sites in the middle of nice residential areas.  The masonary walls will be constructed in March.  We heard from a gentleman that lived 250' from a drill site and he was in favor of the sites in his neighborhood.

Rocking Horse is a different matter.  I specifically asked Ms. Gearhart from Cheasepeake if all violations of city ordinances would be satisfied before a drill bit went through the gate at Rocking Horse.  She said twice that, "Cheasepeake would satisfy all violations within 30 days of permitting." 

Arlington Fire Code Section 3406.3.9 Security---Prior to operations, a permanent security fence shall be constructed around the site and at least one security camera mounted inside the enclosure along with signs as provided in the Arlington Gas Drilling and Production Chapter.  A minimum video recording of five days must be maintained by the company operating the site.  The security camera must be of a type or arrangement must be made to assure quality recording during day or night.

Now does this mention 30 days anywhere?  I will not let the drilling companies tell the city when they are going to comply with the requirement of the city's ordinances.  I have talked to Ms. Gearhart as to why I felt they were taking the attitude that they have assumed.  Each site has it's own characteristics and each operator their own personality.  I will vote accordingly.


  1. Any comments/concerns on the last citizen speaker during citizen participation? She stated, and to my great surprise, it apparently is true, that replays of the city council meetings NO LONGER contain the citizen participation.

    It would appear that someone has decided that even though it is part of the agenda, it is no longer part of the meeting and will NOT be broadcasted.

    1. Were you aware of this change?

    2. Do you agree with change?

    3. Was this change discussed with you?

    4. Do plan to do anything about it?

  2. Concerning your questions.

    1. No I was not aware of the change.

    2. No I do not agree with the change.

    3. No it was not discussed with me.

    4. Yes I will talk to someone about it and find out why the change was made and who instructed them to do so.

  3. Here is an article from Arlingtonvoice on the topic:


  4. I know, I talked to Zack as you can tell by the article content.


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