Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Council Meeting 19 Feb

Today during our Community and Neighborhood Development we decided on where to put funding and how much allot to the several non-profits that receive CDBG monies.  Essentially the federal government gives the cities money in the form of Community Development Block Grants, and they are spread over several organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, Life Shelters etc.  Since these are tax monies that are being spent it requires government oversight and that is what we did today in Committee. 

Then in the afternoon session the most important thing was the determination of the crossing at Stadium Drive between Division and Abrams.  It was decided that the sub grade crossing was simply too much money, 35 million.  The council decided that an at grade crossing for 12 million is more in line with our needs for today.  The remaining 23 million will be utilized for improvements to our city as needed, probably roads.  Brought up before council was the fact that the video feed is not being broadcast of the citizen comment section of the council meetings.  Both Rivera and I voted to reinstate the feed, however the other 7 were against that option. 

The only item of importance that was on the evening agenda was that SafeLite, the auto glass company wants to move into the old Arlington Athletic Store at 2411 S. Cooper.  The building has been vacant for the last 3 years.  It looks as though the company is going to put in a ton of money to renovate the grounds and building.  The vote was 8-1 with Sheri Capehart being in decent.  The item concerning Richard Simpson Park, the one at the marina, remained on the table until the next meeting.  Parks and Recreation wanted to give us more information before continuing with that discussion.


  1. Charlie - do you know why the majority of the council opposed reinstating the feed of citizen comments?

    Thanks for the information that you are furnishing.

  2. Mike I can't say why each member voted as they did. You would really have to ask for an individual response. I have answered some questions under the topic of "Kidnapping". Don't ask me why the poster put that topic under that string. It was told to me that certain citizens were taking part of the video feed and putting it on YouTube to further their specific agendas. I think it's important to understand that we still have public comment and that is really not a requirement in municipal government. I like the feed being televised because I can go back if someone has a problem in my district and see who they are and where they live. I can then follow up and see if the action was handled to the satisfaction of the citizen. I also like the tranparency that it gives. But given that the feed is being used improperly on YouTube there is an arguement to be made for not having it also.

  3. If someone takes a video clip and edits it in such a way as to misrepresent what was being communicated..that is wrong, but so far..no misrepresentation from the anti drilling community...but time is on our side as the resistance grows and Arlington’s gaswell build out has irrepairable damage to this town's livabilty amongst industrial operations in residential areas...the only salvage we can do now is to fix our loopholed gas drilling ordinance AND not approve any more drilling zone sup’s so we can control the future build out...unless HB1496 passes, then its game over for Homerule cities.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChJu8Gh2u8o


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