Friday, February 15, 2013


Yesterday evening an 18 year old woman was getting off work at the Wal-Mart located adjacent to Cowboy Stadium on Randol Mill.  As she was walking to her car in the parking lot she was abducted during daylight hours. Through the course of the APD investigation they received a break in the case around 2 am. APD was able to track the suspect and victim to a residence in North Arlington near where Center and Mesquite Streets intersect. Patrol officers rescued the victim and she was immediately transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The suspect was taken into custody. Investigators continue to interview the female and canvass her work location and the residence where she was located for potential evidence.

It was a very long night for the APD.  We are all very thankful that this potentially tragic incident ended successfully, and that the criminal has found his rightful place in society.  My utmost respect goes to all the officers that participated in this incident.  Well Done!


  1. Mr. Parker,
    Thank you for your stance on the citizen participation issue.

    I summarized a few facts. Please correct me if I have stated anything incorrectly.

    Fact: Staff implemented the change of not broadcasting the live or replayed broadcast of the Citizen Participation portion of evening council meetings without notifying YOU, one of the nine representatives of the citizens.

    Fact: Citizen Participation is still on the agenda, and therefore a part of the meeting.

    Fact: When you click on ‘evening meeting’ on the Internet, or watch a telecast of the evening meeting as part of the scheduled City TV network/station, you do NOT get to watch the whole meeting, but only those selected by the “city”.

    Fact: Seven of your colleagues gave the appearance of not wanting transparent/open government by not even wanting to discuss this item.

    Thank you again for standing up for the citizens.

  2. Staff did implement the change. But that is what staff does is respond to direction. Now who directed staff to do that is the question, and I don't know. I see nothing wrong with what staff did. And by the way citizen participation doesn't happen in most cities at all. You are right that it is a scheduled part of the meeting. You are wrong that it is part of the agenda. If it were on the agenda the council could answer back, but since the topics aren't on the agenda, that the citizens bring up, we have to refrain from comment and just listen to what you have to say.

    You are correct that the video feed for public comment is not included on the evening session, and has not been for several months.

    As you can clearly see in the afternoon session the subject was brought before the council and there was not enough support from other council members to further debate the subject. A consensus vote was taken and it was 7-2 against.


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