Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greg Abbott

I just got back from a Greg Abbott rally over in Duncanville.  It was held in the Ben Franklin Apothecary Store over on 302 North Main St..  The reason for holding this rally there was that he had worked there as a young boy in high school.  I can tell you for certain that Mr. Abbott is definitely running for Governor.  He's got the stump speech down and all the sound bites are in play.  I have to say that I was impressed with the man himself.  I agree with every aspect of his platform.  Of course he is a conservative Republican and so am I.

As Attorney General for the state of Texas, Greg Abbott has sued the Obama Administration 27 times.  He has been victorious in his fight to display the Ten Commandments in Austin, and to maintain the words  "under God" in the pledge of allegiance.  These battles were both won in the Supreme Court.  He also has a case pending, stating that Obamacare is a violation of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  He has upheld freedom of speech and the right to bare arms.  His priorities for Texas are to improve public education, balance the state's budget and and secure our borders.  He openly discusses his misfortune concerning the accident that has left him paralyzed.  He has overcome this detriment and has no problem engaging the opposition.  He is a man to be admired.  He states that he ran daily as a young man, and that he can no longer run.  But he will run for the office of Governor of the Great State of Texas, and I believe he will win.

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