Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Windsor Senior Living Facility

I have spent the last several days talking to a group of individuals that comprise several senior living facilities in Texas and Vail, Colorado.  They have been very successful in the housing and care of seniors.  I believe that they are unique in what they do.  I toured their latest project yesterday with Bruce Payne. (Economic Development) It use to be a Marriott Hotel on I635 near the I635/75 interchange (High 5).

The Senior Living Facility is called "Windsor Senior Living" and it is eleven stories, with 236 rooms.  The gentleman that started the project is very attuned to being able to work with the cities in which he invests.  The property that I am trying to get him interested in is the block from Center/Lincoln over to Whole Foods.  They want to build a seven story structure with a minimum of 150 rooms.

What they currently have in Dallas is eleven stories with the top five floors dedicated to independent living.  The residents get three meals a day and have a kitchen and beautiful apartments.  There is in-house care available if needed and is a perfect solution for downsizing.  The fifth and fourth floors are for less ambulatory residents in wheelchairs.  These are the start of the assisted living care floors.  The third, and second floors are reserved for those with memory loss, from dementia to alzheimers.  The first floor is for those that require constant care and monitoring.

The reason that I believe this to be a good place for a Senior Living Facility is the proximity to two golf courses, emergency response on the same property (Fire Station 8) and Arlington Memorial Hospital, that is 1.1 miles away.  Arlington has approximately 60,000 seniors with little to zero care available to them.  The largest concentration of seniors is in the north and west.  When the time comes to downsize, and stay in the area, there is nothing of quality available.  Maybe there will be in the future.

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