Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Town Hall Meeting - Apartments

I want to get this out early so that everyone will have an opportunity to see this presentation.  There will be a Town Hall Meeting concerning the apartment project along Lamar, on the 26th of August at 7:00 at the Convention Center, rooms 5-8.  The capacity of these rooms are around 500 people.  The meeting will be hosted by Jimmy Bennett and Charlie Parker.  Bob Kembel, the developer will be in attendance to give a portion of the presentation.  Also in attendance will be Trey Yelverton (City Manager) and Bruce Payne (Economic Development).

We will all be there to answer any questions that you may have concerning this project.  I expect the first check by the city to be written in August, allowing the demolition to start as early as September.  This is an exciting time for North Arlington.  A project of this stature doesn't come along very often, and it is important for the citizens to understand the impact and magnitude associated with what the City and Mr. Kembel are trying to accomplish.  I will get this information out to all the media and informational resources between now and then, with several reminders.  Please spread this information through your email lists so that everyone will have an opportunity to attend.  See you there.

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