Sunday, September 30, 2012


I am trying to establish an incentive program for the kids a Rocquemore Elementary.  I have enlisted the help of two very dynamic personalities in that area to operate the program, Deanna Palla and Dara Wandel are my two pit bulls that are co-ordinating the project.  They have met with Evonne DuPont, the principal of Rocquemore, and will implement the program through her.  Last week Dara and I met with Mr. Mike Walker who is a property manager that oversees about five properties in the Lamar/Collins Overlay area.  He is one of the good guys and is putting funds back into the apartments to make them better and offer a Good living experience to his occupants.  Mike is not only very willing to participate he will solicite participation by other property managers in the area.  This next week I will also meet with Pam Dawson who manages Lincoln Square.   I want to discuss what incentives the businesses at Lincoln Square can bring to the table.

Essentailly the program will be set up to entice all family members to put the education of children on the front burner.  Property managers will look at report cards and reduce rent for the students that have broken out of the pack in the areas of academics, citizenship, and attendance.  Businesses can contribute coupons such as free ice cream and complimentary food and services.  We need to engage the community in supporting the education of our children.  This program is an attempt to do just that.


  1. Do you have a way for neighbors to help with this effort by giving a gift card, book, etc.?

    I guess I don't understand how to sign the comment from the profile section. Kim L.

  2. Good idea. Incentives usually make an impact.
    Gary Trammell

  3. What would motivate the apartment owners to offer this sort of discount?

  4. First of all it would allow them to participate in the afirmation of a kid's education. Second, it would show that they want to participate in the community and not just be takers. And lastly because, confronted with the opportunity of interacting with the tennants of your apartment building in a positive way is beneficial in cultivating a good tennant/landlord relationship. What's it cost $10-20 a month.


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