Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Council Meeting

The only real issue that was a little sticky for me this evening was the Truman Drill Zone modification.  Originally, it only had 68% approval of the people from 300-600 ft. from the well head.  If you have less than 70% it requires a super majority of the city council.  Chesapeake addressed this problem and got 71.4% and took the requirement from the city council.  What was big for me was that they got all of the residents to approve, and that was important in how I looked at the special use permit SUP.  The site has been operating successfully and complying with the three stipulations imposed upon them by the council.

The second item was one of a no smoking ordinance.  Essentially the committee recommended that smoking be banned in sexual oriented businesses, public parks, pool halls, and night clubs.  It will go to council in that form and be voted upon soon.  The one question that is outstanding is the Rangers Ball Park.  Currently people smoke near the exits.  If they were to ban it from the Park the smokers would have to leave the building and walk across the street.  We are awaiting feed back from the Rangers as to how to best deal with this problem.

It was said that there was not police presence at the Walgreens today.  Since I was in meetings all day I was unable to see first hand how bad the problem was.  I did tell the Police Chief that citizens were very grateful for the police work that was being done concerning this issue.

Good Night


  1. the drilling 68% to 71% was done by have on property divided into two plots, then getting both of those votes ...

    so 29% within the 600ft did not approve.

    not exactly sure what you meant, "they got all of the residents to approve", but not true as stated.

  2. Anonymous, what I said was that all the residents that were within 300-600 ft from the well head gave Chesapeake their approval. That is a true statement. It was the corporate businesses that were within that area, that were difficult to obtain. The single family residents were all signed.


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