Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday 5 Sept

Today was interesting.  Yesterday I found out that Gene Patricks Escalade was stolen out of his drive way.  There has only been one car stolen out of beat 220 in a year and it was his.  We never have crime in Forest Hills.  I have plenty of items in motion but the one that I seem to be working on the most is Walgreens, on Davis.  Today we had our first fight.  Two girls, one pregnant at age 15 got into it.  The police were all over it and were on the scene quickly.  We are going to task the SRO at Lamar as a resource.  Our North Arlington Police can't baby sit the kids after school.  They have a job to do and people should be responsible for their kids.  Usually it is all over about 30 minutes after school lets out.  We are going to redeploy the HEAT team and see where that brings us.  Also on the crime front we are addressing the area between Lamar and I30.  Hopefully there will be some success on this issue.

I got to play a little host tonight to about 40 Germans from out sister city.  It was  a great evening and the Germans will be here for about 10 days enjoying the culture of Texas.  We have a ton of activities planned for them.  They are truly nice people, and it is a pleasure for us to have them here.

Tomorrow is huge, I have to check out a sink hole that is encrouching on a citizens home, lunch with Jay Buris of the entertainment district, and an evening East Arlington Renewal Meeting with Sue Phillips.  8:30 am to 9:00 pm.  All interesting and it never stops.

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