Thursday, September 20, 2012

Operation Mend

We give to several charities and one of them is Operation Mend.  I know, you've never heard of it.  My wife found it and I am glad that she did.  Last night we attended an event sponsored by T. Boone Pickens, who is a supporter of this effort, at the Dallas Country Club.  I was way out of my league.  Mend is essentially a group of specially skilled surgeons from UCLA Medical Center that take horribly disfigured soldiers and gives them new faces.  They coordinate with Brookes Medical in San Antonio to find candidates for their surgeries and then start the slow process of giving them an identity that they can live with.  Some soldiers simply can't cope with their disfigurement and take their own lives.  Mend also does surgeries on hands and fingers to get them working properly again.  All of the soldiers were in vehicles that went over IED's (roadside bombs).  These guys were the survivors, and to listen to them speak of the long road to recovery will literally tear the heart right from you chest.  I met some remarkable heros last night, some surgeons but mostly warriors doing work to preserve your liberties that have suffered unbelievable injury, that are getting their lives back together.  Look it up Operation Mend. 

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