Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am going to post twice today for two very important things that happened yesterday.  First I had a meeting at Lamar High School with several people.  Notables were Principal Harmin, Chief Strickland, and Jamie Saenz (District Manager of Walgreens).  Essentially the problem was the kids at Walgreens.  We kicked the can around a little, I listened and then I had had enough.  I told Mr. Saenz that until he states without question that he doesn't want kids on his property, the problem will continue.  That is when he finally stated "no kids".  Principal Harmin stated he would make the announcement on Monday that Walgreens will be off limits and send out flyers that parents were not to pick up their kids up at Walgreens.  The Police will spend this week, with spiritual leaders, telling the kids that facilities will be open to them at local churches in the area if they want to utilize them. 
Starting next week kids that are at the Walgreens will be told to leave in front of a Police Officer, if they return for a period of one year they will be taken to Juvenile Hall or if they are 17 jail on criminal trespass charges and their parents can pick them up there.  Mr. Saenz has stores next to High Schools all over the state and Louisiana and this is the only store with a problem like this one.  I told him that until HE empowers the police there is nothing that can be done.  He finally got the message.


  1. I am glad to see something being done about this. It is a REAL problem!

  2. Charlie, You Rock! Thanks so much for solving this problem. I like to shop Walgreens but hated having to leave my car for fear that it would be vandalized.

    Reading your weekly agenda is comforting and confirms your dedication to helping us maintain the kind of neighborhoods we home owners bought into when we move here. Thanks for all you do. Janie Deterly

  3. Janie thank you for your comment. It is nice to see some of my efforts get some tangible results.

  4. Thank you Charlie for your efforts. I have a child at Lamar now and another heading that way in a couple of years and it's nice to see a concerned leader reaching out and making changes.. Keep it up!!


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